Video wallpaper issue, cursor panel

When i run a video which is 4k was not running smothly and my desktop was frezzing so much that it cant able to do anything..... I have high specs
Msi alpha 15 ryzen 7 and 5500m gpu
Please resolve this in update and
Cursor always when rebooting geta inlarge and other themes when applied after opening the laptop.... It comes back to its original form and with bigger pixels
In. Panel which is replace bu dock after editing it i was impresed it works good but have few bugs.... Its auto hide is fast make it slow and smoooth, windows key does not work at all,, latte dock in it works, shortcut keys dont work to setting of it

Be sure to read our wiki on the migration away from latte dock. Sounds like there was an issue migrating for you. Dr460nized migration info | Garuda Linux wiki