Video background in wayfire

I think this plugin is supposed to play videos on the desktop
but it doesn't work (doesn't do anything).
if this isn't responsible for a video background than how could I get one? It would be also very cool if I could get it on the lockscreen

Just checking, do you know that it will?

no i definitely don't actually I don't know what it does because it never 'did' or at least appeared to do anythin but when I click on it there are settings that are suggestive of it giving me a video background or at least a video something

if it won't do a video background at least it will do some kind of video this is the default way it has been with the mpv command i did put a valid path in the file there and it won't work

Do you also have mpv installed?


yes also I need 10 chars to post

I found this post

the user also expressed confusion about the video wallpaper