Variety afther update dont work any more

Hi, variety afther update dont work any more.
I also install Garuda new on Vmware. I install Variety and afther Update Variety dont work any more.

Regards Freeage

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
Please consider that installation on VM is discouraged and not officially supported.
Anyway, please always provide your garuda-inxi as per new topic template.


Its instalt on my Notebook Vm is only a Test

Ok, but Garuda is designed and optimized to run on real hardware, to provide the best performance. Some Garuda tools don't even run on Virtual Machines, that's why it's not supported.
Your garuda-inxi?
Have you fully updated and rebooted before installing? E.g. the Garuda Assistant, that can help you in the update process, might not work on a VM. You should use garuda-update from a terminal.


This should definitely be the reason:


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