Using Garuda Linux as development OS

I'd like to ask about anyone's experience using Garuda Linux as daily driver for web development workflow (or other software development).

I'm considering replace openSuSE Tumbleweed I use daily with , would be great if I can hear from others.

Detailed sharing would be much appreciated (such as programming language used, testing/workflow tool availability, deployment for local testing ie docker, etc).

Short answer: it works fine for everything, and in the same way as Arch, because it's a Linux-based OS.

As they say on IRC - try it and see.

This is more of a "what are you listening to?" style of topic, so this is going into #4xx:expectation-failed


Welcome to the forum.

I use Garuda as well as Tumbleweed and I love both. I do mostly educational coding in C, Python, Haskell so my needs are very basic, but in general, the AUR as well as precompiled package availability is a big plus in Arch. OpenSuse has most everything available in the community, but as a result your system can get loaded with repositories pretty quick.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

Nice to see a fellow web developer. I also use Garuda Linux (obviously) for all my development.

Js , HTML + CSS, Python.
Angular (2+) (not exactly a language though)

I use VS Codium (unmicrosoft version of vs code - OSS). Also, most of the major IDEs work fine out of the box, like VS Code, Webstorm etc.

Off course.

Btw, it would have been better if you had tried before asking.
Have a nice journey.


I have been using it for longer than it officially exists. :smiley:
I can't decide which answer is the solution :frowning:


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