Using Garuda Grub on triple booting laptop

Hello Garuda users.

just a newbie question, on my dualbooting laptop (win11 never used but just in case ..+ garuda) I'm planning to install in near future a second distro so will be a triple booting laptop, different partition of course but the same SSD. My idea is to continue using Garuda grub entries (so I can use snapshot at boot if needed). The second linux distribution would not been other Arch (Garuda is perfect so don't need another arch distro) neither Fedora (because it use a strange grub that is problematic with other OS installed) so probably will be MX or another Debian distro that I will install in june when Debian 12 Bookworm will be active (interesting distro to test with kernel 6.1 LTS and non-free firmware).
My question is: how use the garuda grub with all garuda entries + a entry with the new OS? I have to install the second distro but skip when it ansk me about the bootloader location?

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If the new distro has an option to pass on a bootloader you can choose that, although that is a very uncommon choice to get. It's no problem to let the new distro install another bootloader though, even if it is another Grub.

Just make sure you set the Garuda to the primary boot option and you should be all set. You can do that in the BIOS boot settings, with efibootmgr, or just reinstall Grub afterward. Then run sudo update-grub and os-prober will add a boot option to the Grub menu for your new distro.