Using Firedragon

I can’t see on your screenshot if Floorp uses Wayland as window protocol.

That’s right! It is not. Only Firefox.

I’ve just trying to understand why Floorp/Firedragon is not using Wayland ?

Ok, maybe there is something with Floorp (and all the others, since FF works).

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I’m not sure, it looks like you have KDE installed though. I can see you are using SDDM as well, which is definitely not standard for Sway. Did you set that upon your own, or was it already installed?

Are you selecting the correct session from SDDM before you sign in?

My guess would be the difference in behavior is related to the Firefox version, rather than Floorp or not Floorp. You could test by installing Firefox ESR and see if it behaves like the Floorps.


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