Username in terminal and account

My username is torugo, but appears ogurot both in my profile and in the terminals.
I have searched but cannot find any answers.
I tried to change it, but i can't.
The system let me write torugo but when I do Apply says it cannot apply the change.
Any ideas?

Try your keybored layout.

My keyboard layout seems fine to me.
Have translated a few things and done some work in various programs of Libre...
Like I said, it lets me write torugo, but does not accept it.

Try reinstalling or editing from root.
At least your forum username has no caps errors.

Reinstalling seems a bit too much.
Everything seems to work.
Installed Garuda yesterday, and its the only bug that I have seen.
BTW, how do I change it from root?
Newbie here...
Thanks for helping me.

By the educative process. Users and groups - ArchWiki


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