User Panel in System Settings not working

I can't change any account parameters in the User panel of System Settings. I just get a message saying "Could not get permission to save user *****" Neither my account nor the guest. This happens when adding a picture or email to the account.

There's a recent bug with sudo. Not sure if this is what's going on, but try sudo --version, if it is 1.9.9 than this might be it? There are a couple of gui commands that use sudo and i'm wondering if this might be one.

Check if this workaround helps.
If I remember correctly this was due to an open KDE bug.

Here it is:


Yes it does, however, there is no option to add an email in the work around, not really a big deal just bugs me.

Anyway, it looks like it's fixed now. Pushed into branch 'Plasma/5.24'.

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