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Hi i'm Logan2269, new to linux. I was tired of microsoft windows and decided to try something diffetent.
watched a lot of youtube videos on linux and the variety of different distro's. kept checking out distrowatch for something that appealed to my intrest. then came across a video on Garuda kde dragonized edition. im not much of a gamer but i do play 2 games frequently. Diablo 3 and COD WARZONE. i saw how easy it is to install the games with Lutris. i was able to get diablo3 playing with no problems. So far i am very pleased that i chose Garuda Linux. I keep telling my friend to switch over from windows that they wouldnt regret it. Thank You.


Welcome to Garuda Linux @Logan2269 .

Thanks to the The Garuda Team for their support and forum, I'm glad to make this my 359th forum. I forgot my password already. I have recently come to the linux world after purchasing a Raspberry Pi to stream games to my living room TV. Within the past month I have starting snooping and introduced myself to Linux Mint, Solus, Debian and now Garuda. Each distro I have found useful for specific machines I have and their uses/abilities. Garuda is on my main laptop and I don't intend on trying anything else! I am very excited for this and I hope to educate myself and be as proficient here as the many years of Microsoft use has gotten me. I wish I could stick with this for good, but alas... I have too many specialty programs in use to be able to walk away for good. For the times I don't need Windows, I'll be here!

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I have used Fedora back when I attended ITT Tech in 2005, and played with Ubuntu here and there in the past years. I have been seriously using Linux in the beginning of this year with Ubuntu 20.10 on my main laptop with Big Sur mods and used it as a replacement to Windows.

This past Monday, I watched YouTube videos about Garuda Linux Dragonized, and I loved the look. I installed it on my second laptop and I am impressed with the operability and workflow.
I am thinking of using Garuda to replace Windows on my main desktop I use for work and school.


Hello all.
I'm from Germany.I've been using Linux exclusively for eleven years.My computers have seen many Linux distros.Then two years ago I finally switched to KDE.I've been using Garuda "Dr460nized KDE edition" for six weeks now. (Before that the distro of my choice was Manjaro KDE) I am still thrilled.Garuda runs great without any complaints.On my two eight GiB RAM machines this distro is remarkably fast.The boot process,opening applications...I didn't know before that KDE can be so fast.
Also the "total package" of Garuda Linux convinced me.The automatic snapshot function is very inovativ.This should have every Linux distro in my opinion...great!Very user friendly,very nice preconfigured.This also applies to the other Garuda distributions.Even the Garuda website is very clear and good looking.(Why do I have to think of the Debian website right now...!? :thinking: :thinking:)
So,long story short...
Thanks to the Garuda team, please keep up the good work!

Greetings from Germany :de:


Hi Shamrock and welcome.

Here, you'll find lots of ex-MJ users, so you may see some familiar faces.

Can't argue with your logic or deductions, regarding Garuda - it hooked me and many others, certainly.

Enjoy yourself, here. :wave:


Hello everyone, I am from Argentina, an ex-MJ user and curiosity take me there. I am a KDE and Arch lover, so I really really interested in this distro, something else that calls my attention, the restoration of the BTRFS boot, I am using the BTRFS snapshot like 4 months and can restore at the start is excellent .
Then a lot of love for all the work and greetings from Argentina.


Hi Dino and welcome to the forum. :wave:

All I know appreciate the snapshots and find it an invaluable feature.


Hey there! Saying Hi! Long history with linux, my most recent distro was EndeavourOS, and before that Manjaro (And before that straight arch, and before that gentoo...and before that debian...and before that mandrake back in the day...)

I saw Garuda mentioned on the EnOS forum and decided to take a look and I had a lot of cruft resulting in a switch from GNOME to KDE, so I decided to reinstall and try something a little more configured. Enjoying it so far!


Hi to All,

First off is a BIG Thanks Garuda. I’m just getting started with Dr460nized and it is the best Linux ever. Eye Candy for sure and so many cool and useful features.

I’ve been using a few versions of Linux for the last 15 years. The first trial run dive was Knoppix on CD. Converted OFF WinDOZE then got Suse Linux and used it on a work desktop for approx 4 years. Next was Linux Mint on the same work desktop.

My daily use Asus laptop UL20A is now ancient. Upgraded it around 5 years ago to 4 Gb ram and 120 Gb SSD.

Used LXLE for nearly 8 years on the UL20A - it ran okay before the upgrade and was lightening fast after the upgrade. Before the upgrade I noticed that Opera browser was / is the biggest memory hog - and Firefox was not so heavy. I still like Opera and use it with only one or two tabs open and use Firefox for anything else with more tabs open. Opera with VPN on is mainly only for browser separation for when signed in with Google / YouTube. Rob Braxman yessiree...

A couple months ago got Zorin Lite and that works excellent too. Installs easy and runs good - never crashes.

I have only just recently found Garuda - and Dr460nized is — by FAR so good on this old Asus. I tried live sessions of many other Linux versions and 50% or so would either not load or make this old Asus crash.

A BIG thanks to all at Garuda for all your Excellent work. Dr460nized is WOW !!

Cheers to All, DV8


Hi, I'm another longtime Ubuntu user who discovered Garuda. Yup, this one is the keeper.


Welcome to Garuda.

full on newbie here to linux in general. So far im loving this garuda os. Ive tried other os's to try and get rid of the thief bill gates out of my life and im happy to say this os looks so promising. with that said hopefully im not going to get kicked out of the fourm for asking too many stupid questions, learning, and in time helping this community grow.


Welcome, @dirtdart269 :wave:

I'm still here. :crazy_face:


Maybe helpful :slight_smile:



I use Linux OS from time to time. I mostly used Ubuntu. But I always like KDE because it is beautiful, clean and provides a lot of customization. I used Kubuntu 20.10 for the last few months. When I installed Kubuntu 21.04, it got a problem with integrated Intel graphics and a dedicated Nvidia graphic card. I am using an old MacBook Pro (late 2013). Kubuntu 21.04 boots into a blank screen. I tried Opensuse KDE which also got the same problem. Next, I installed Manjaro KDE which did not recognize the wired and wireless adapters.

I recently heard about Garuda Linux from a few Linux YouTube channels. I installed it today. Garuda Linux looks like a modern and futuristic OS. I am running it on a USB flash drive. It works a bit smoother than Kubuntu. I hope to explore it further :blush:

:sob: :scream: :cry:

Use SSD or nvme stuff.
You use only live ISO or how do you install it on USB flash drive?

Welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you :pray:t4:
I am planning to install it on an external hard drive soon.
Currently I installed it on a 32GB USB flash drive using a live USB made with Balena Etcher. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Found and installed Garuda and loving it so far with the exception of a couple of issue which I'll create separate post about. I've been using Linux on and off for over 20 years. I finally jumped in completely a couple years back.