Use installed Snap Packages

Hello there,

i have installed garuda KDE dragonized (gaming version) and installed the pamac all package.
(so i can install snap packages)
i installed spotify via pamac, but i cannot start it. It is not available in the application menu or the terminal.
(i need the snap package, since the aur package does not support adding local files)

Edit: i also rebooted the system multiple times

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Aufgrund der vielen negativen Erfahrungen unterst√ľtzt Garuda Snap und Flat nicht mehr.
Deshalb ist auch pamac-all nicht vorinstalliert.
Versuche bitte in den entsprechenden Foren zu suchen, wir können da nicht helfen.

Due to the many negative experiences, Garuda no longer supports Snap and Flat.
Therefore pamac-all is not preinstalled either.
Please try to search the appropriate forums, we cannot help.

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