USB not recognized in BIOS

It is an ASUS TUF UEFI(all ASUS UEFI BIOS's are the same). I have done everything correctly but I used UNetBootin instead of Rufous. I disabled fast boot, CSM and secure boot. My USB is 8GB. I have a UEFI not legacy. My USB is not recognized as a boot option it only recognizes windows. There is an option to create a boot option but still the only path I could select was the windows one. What is the problem?
Update: Use Rufous Don't use UNetBootin if you have this problem

Hi there, welcome.
Maybe try with Balena Etcher and Ventoy.
In addition to that, I don't know if ASUS has a function key to select the boot device (e.g. F12 for Lenovo) or you can arrange the boot order in the BIOS to set the USB as first in the list.


It is ESC but that doesn't work so I will use rufus

Thank You Rufous works

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