USB boot install freezes after entering password

Hi, new to Garuda and wanted to try it out. Downloaded garuda-qtile-linux-zen-230501.iso install version from

Put it onto a USB flash drive and booted from it. The boot process went fine and at the login screen the mouse was working. But when I enter the "garuda" password for the "garuda" account login, everything freezes after hitting the return key. No mouse pointer anymore and the only keys that work are ctrl-alt-delete which causes a shutdown and reboot.

I tried entering account: "root" and password: "garuda" but it freezes then too.


Seems wayland is set as default, on the right side you can choose qtile then password, work on my test just now.


That was it. Although it had Qtile (default), it was on Wayland already as the first selection.

Thank you!

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