Upgrading system python to Version 3.12 possible

I tried to get an answer, but I have not find a real answer, so I ask here…
I use Garuda Linux Drogoniced gaming edition, KDE

The new Python release 3.12.1 is longer out now and in AUR Repository.
How is it possible to upgrade the systems Python 3.11 to 3.12 without breaking it?
If that is a “better not to do” then, how to upgrade my user environment python to 3.12…

I would just wait until python updates to the newer version in the normal course of things. Do you have some driving need for it?

Hi @Amiganer , please provide garuda-inxi if will to post anything in the future .
Agree to @Bro , but if you really need to use it for some reason :

paru -S python3
yay -S python3 #click tab to see the desired version and select it

Thanks for answering without the garuda-inxi. My inxi has a length of 14k, because i have many storage devices installed.

There is python 3.12.1 in the AUR, the actual version. Because I want to do it, is increase the speed. The last updates had everytime a speed upgrade.

Edit: paru was installed, yay seems not, so I used paru.
After compiling the new python3.12 source, it has installed the python3.12 in parallel without touching the system wide used python3.11.
I don’t know, but this what not in my own mind before, what a shame, thanks for showing me this way.

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That is very unusual. Are you using VCS?

Use PrivateBin, upper right, or cut the storages if the text has more than 30000 chars (or 50000?)

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