Upgrading kernel missing Nvidia results in no desktop

Upgraded a couple of days ago. Appears kernels were updated but Nvidia drivers were not. Result is desktop fails.
Snapshot was taken. From looking around it seems you cannot rollback kernels. Can you install an older kernel with needed Nvidia drivers via chroot or is there a reliable page that explains how to install a kernel before entering desktop login.
Found that some wikis are out of date and others you need a computer degree to figure them out.
Love Arch because it usually works very well. Nvidia though I have been caught more than once with no working desktop.
PS can do fairly well in GUI but in terminal I find that very difficult.

I must use LTS kernel on my Nvidia PC’s, install and change on boot grub.
In konsole/terminal

sudo pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers

You can change the boot order with garuda-boot-options too.

Thanks. I know you need some command at grub to be able to use those commands. How do you make sure you have network up and running? I am using an Ethernet cable.
PS Can only use a tablet for help here. Many thanks.

Open Browser, no web - no network, you can check also the status bar :smiley: or use ping -c5 google.com in terminal.

Use the terminal after booting in to your system.

If your desktop does not load, you have to boot to a TTY (a text console).
To boot to tty, when you are in the grub line that you want to use, press button E, go to the end of the line starting with linux and add a 3 at the end (with a space before…), then CTRL+x

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Think you missed the point that I can not get even into sddm. All I get is a black screen and it locks up. Sorry did not include that kind of detail.
The only way I see around it is fresh install which may land me in the same spot again or getting a kernel installed via command line before sddm which also fixes my Nvidia issue. Do know there is only a partial upgrade available for it as half is only getting version 555 but all can get version 550. Didn’t notice it but wouldn’t surprise me if one of the 555 versions snuck in breaking things because it was only a partial upgrade.

Did you try KDE dragonized?
You can use

That is what I used. Turned it to unstable though as there are some packages that I use that only work with unstable.
Looks like I will need to reinstall to fix things again. Nvidia is nice when it works, but there seems to be a big problem with it right now.

You’re running a highly opinionated OS. Don’t expect unstable to pull your weight. Better to just use Arch IMO. I mean, chrissake, why not testing?

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