Upgrade nvidia 495.44 -> 495.46 breaks mate

Operating System: Garuda Mate
Kernel: Linux-zen
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

For some reason if I upgrade nvidia related packages (nvidia-dkms, nvidia-utils, etc.) I can't start mate session. weirdly enough, lightdm do start, so, I access to the login screen, but typing my password only try to enter to go back to lightdm's login screen.

Btw I use auto-login so the mere fact that I access to lightdm's login screen should not happen, so it is not that I might have forgotten my password.

Also, this problem has existed for some weeks, at first I thought other people would have my same problem and a patch would appear, but no luck.

Thanks to garuda's awesome integration with btrfs, I have been able to rollback the upgrades from grub and upgrade everything except nvidia to be 100% sure the problem is when I upgrade nvidia.

Other people do have the same problem, and there is a patch:

You can build xorg-server with the patch until it is fixed upstream (or use my pre-built patched package).


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