Updating Using garuda-update Messed Up The OS/SSD

Hi guy, yesterday I encountered a wired problem, I used Garuda-update to update the OS, after three or four seconds my screen went dark and I was forced to restart, some errors like (failed to unmount /home yada yada) appeared on the screen I tried to boot up Garuda but my SSD was gone! I booted up my tailsOS from USB stick and ran lsblk it showed me my HDD and usbs but My Damn SSD was gone!!! I contacted some of my tech bros and the said it’s impossible to ruin my SSD with updating software I hopelessly restarted again and Garuda booted up with no problem! Im ngl I was really surprised, so my friends told me to update my shit again and boom, my SSD was gone(:joy::joy:). I booted up my fedora backup on my HDD, any advice?

Get a new SSD? Have you checked that yours is not failing? There’s software to check…smartmontools…gsmartcontrol…etc.


I will check, it’s hard to buy good SSDs in Iran cuz they are expensive as hell, I have to make sure that it’s dead before buying a new one.

My laptop is opened rn, my m2 drive is working normally (according to the little red led light) and I can feel the heat of it when touching it, but it’s not recognizable with smartctl gsmart control, maybe the filesystem is crupted?

When you boot with a live disk is the drive visible/accessible in gparted or KDE Partition Manager?

Post your garuda-inxi output from the live disk please.

No it’s not.

Is the drive detected in your bios?

If you can boot a live disk you should be able to post your garuda-inxi .

Please post your specs if you wish further help on our forum, as this is a precondition for receiving assistance here. This is the second time I’ve requested this.


After checking your profile I see this is your third help request since joining the forum and you have refused to post a garuda-inxi on all three threads.

You were informed this was required on your last thread.

Three strikes and you’re out.

Your thread has been moved to the dust bin for refusing to adhere to our forum’s posting policies.