Update list for noobs

Please read slowly, you should stop with the cursory reading.

Ctrl + Shift + C
Ctrl + Shift + V


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Sorry group i don't mean to sound angry I am not .
I am just confused at why it does not work .i have also tried Ctrl+shift + C and also ctrl+ shift + v

Thankyou for all your help i have no idea why its not working.Thanks again for your patience.Ill just post screen shots on the private bin .

So after opening private bin and trying again ctrl shift + C .then ctrl + shift+ v will not paste but well i tried to right click on the private bin and like magic i can select paste after right clicking the bin .

The point of the difference is that using CTRL-C for interrupting tasks (such as an update, for instance) in the terminal has been around a LOT longer than GUIs have - and needed to remain working. The (Windows-inspired(!)) use for Copy is relatively new.

To enable some familiarity to remain, the addition of the SHIFT key WHILE IN TERMINAL was added in. The version of the keyboard commands WITHOUT the SHIFT key continues in GUI usage. Thus, you might CTRL-SHIFT-C to copy something from the terminal, and then PASTE it with just CTRL-V into a GUI app like a word processor or a browser.

It quickly becomes second nature -especially after you realize WHY it works that way...


Thanks everyone for helping out.Its very much appreciated .


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