Update error - extra db

error: could not parse package description file ‘haskell-hie-compat-’ from db ‘extra’

I don’t know how to solve this error on extra db.
I tried different ways to update garuda, but none is working.
Can someone help ?
everything started with discord asking me for an update, but garuda is not permitting because of this error.

Thanks a lot.

I would suggest,

garuda-update remote fix

first, to read more on what that does visit wiki,

If that doesn’t work try to uninstall the package let updates finish and then reinstall the package.


I had the same error today. I solved it with the following:

update remote fix
sudo reflector --sort age --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist
garuda-update -a

@edianogama welcome aboard please also see.


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