UPBGE (Blender Game Engine) is starting very slow compared to other distros

hi , i want first say i new to linux world. i used windows 20 years and switched now to linux finaly,
i love it so far ( except all the bugs i encountered from 10 different distros untill garuda KDE dragonized )

but i have one big problem now. i use blender 3D software much and it runs good, but one part inside called game engine is starting very slow compared to for example pop os or MX linux, which is super big problem for me. i dont know much about linux i thought its something wrong with the pertformence tweaks and so i disabled zram , swap , ananicy. but i found it wasnt that ,maybe emade even worst so i recovered.

i made video comparison, this first video is from pop os, same speed was in mx linux,in this video you see on top left of screen info appearing, it means the game is started and running.

and this second video is from Garuda KDE Dragonized

like you can see the pop os is crazy fast starting game. i really dont know anymore what to try to make it run same fast,i dont want to switch again T_T
i mean arch runs everywhere super nice, i cant believe is slower than debian based distro
so i think some settings maybe is in garuda that doing this.
please help me someone

You don't help yourself posting zero system info, showing that either you don't read Garuda instructions, or you don't care. Even for a coffee machine, we need to read User Manual :laughing: .

inxi -Fxxxaz
mhwd -li

Welcome to Garuda!


Did you think of trying a different kernel?


oh sorry guys i didnt see abot instructions

here is the log


@c00ter i did try different kernel. i did refresh andinstalled suepr many but when i restarted poc and choose advanced options. i got 3 different so i tryed them but the new kernels dont boot somehow it says loading initial linux kernel and loading initial ramdisk or so. so i use the first that that had.

Post logs, after you have tried this triggering mode

journalctl -b -p3 --no-pager --no-hostname
cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log

Although I believe the best place for support for this is blender forum.


okay here are the logs


i just tryed same on 10+ year old linux mint pc and it desnt happening there . its super fast. so 3 os workds super nice only this one doing that,
ohyea and blender devs would never even care if i say its arch and worked on stable linux T___T

oh and they dont support anymore game engine but this is special fork of bge

I see "Modeling", what is this game engine?
Could you share the .blend file?
It is in Render Engine Eevee mode.

inxi -G
Graphics:  Device-1: NVIDIA GP106 [GeForce GTX 1060 6GB] driver: nvidia v: 460.56 
           Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.10 driver: loaded: nvidia resolution: 3840x2160~60Hz 
           OpenGL: renderer: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB/PCIe/SSE2 v: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 460.56 

All in all, IDK what you're doing :slight_smile: , but I want to test the game/file :smiley:

BTW Garuda is arch stable :slight_smile:


oh well i couldnt upload here so i uploaed on other website,
well press P to start and esc to stop. it should start instantly almost but it doesnt for me. try it on ubuntu debian distribution and you see its lighting fats so i think its arch or garuda problem ... i hope not T_T i dont want to switch again after whole week installing different distros..

is actually best game engine in the world in terms of fastest making and most fun... is special...

Hold on. You're using something that is no longer supported and wondering why it doesn't work correctly with recent software libraries?

So it's not actually part of Blender? Where is it from?


hmm it is supported but i think its same meaning like arch would be official and garuda is fork , i not sure
well i dont know about libraries. i am noob : /


OK, so it's a third-party addon for Blender.

Does it even support the Blender version in the Arch repos (2.9)? It looks like the most recent support is for 2.8?

Check for issues here:

Check over the documentation here:


And check for forum threads here:

Their forum will be the best place to ask as it's their software, and very likely where other users will hang out.


I mark it as solution.

the problem is arch / garuda since only here it starts slow. everything working good.. its clearly something wrong maybe with garuda setup ? why on debian ubuntu distros is working super fast?
is really not solution to point me there since i told them and is not big issue but it is for arch / garuda then maybe. so thats why i came here to ask for help :cold_face:



sorry i dont know what you mean by that. i only know blender and upbge works perfect and are in all package managers on all distributions + latest versions and upbge is blender just added game engine its nothing different than blender official as far i know,
well so i will have to try other distros of arch and if arch is really the culprit then have to switch because cant live this speed...
i will let you know what i found out.. thanks for help then...
i just thought you as garuda devs or so should know best why such things is slower than debian, ubuntu distros...


Yes, keep us posted, please. :slightly_smiling_face:


No actually the problem is you do not comprehend how a rolling distro works. You can't use old software that relies on old libraries on a modern fully updated ever changing system.

It is akin to trying to run your new electric vehicle on gasoline. The outdated source is incompatible with a new modern system. This is not a fault of Arch/Garuda. The whole point of a rolling distro is to have and use the most up to date software. If you want to use outdated software then use a static distro such as Debian/Mint/Ubuntu.

Your complaints fall on deaf ears here because Arch based distro's are riding on the cutting/bleeding edge of software development. If you want to use software from the precambrian era you're using the wrong distro.Perhaps you should do some research on the system you are trying to use before coming on their forum and declaring:


you dont know what i been through today. yesterday wanted downgrade nvidia drivers on garuda dragonized and couldnt start. so i recovered from live usb with timeshift and the grub was missing files. had setup on other ssd . but still why should that happen?

then i thought i going to try other arch linux distros and test there UPBGE and really its true its Garudas problem, i uploaded videos so you can see yourself.

next time maybe try yourself first than accusing UPBGE which is perfect best game engine and in terms of stability if i compare how many arch bugs i experienced in last 2 weeks :cold_face:

looks like you optimized your cutting edge software so much that went to other direction... :woozy_face:
well the garuda dragonized worked very good except had 1 bug where i was stuck if reloging from logout... and the blender bug.

and just wanted to say that this is complete time wasting for EVERYONE if releasing such bugged versions like LXQT. i had terrible many bugs...
good bye now, i switched to endevour os , works crazy good everyhting now. thanks for all your help... :disappointed_relieved:

oh forgot to say that on LXQT i had one time where it did run fast, but then stoped, and i only changed appearence settigns

Just edit your last post no need a second post.
And if arch is the problem the EnOS is the right place for you.

Nobody claimed Garuda is for everyone.
You don't need to be so low morality individual. It will hurt you some time.

Have fun, whatever Linux you use. :wave:


It's kind of up to bug reporters to show where the issue is, and ideally find the cause, not up to distro maintainers to try every random piece of software that's available on the web.

That's a fine choice. :+1: