Unused Ram is wasted Ram

Correct me if Im wrong enlighten me if Im stupid LOL.

So I saw the "Unused RAM is wasted RAM" I cant disagree with it or agree with it since I dont have any idea how this works. [I have little idea how RAM allocation works in a linux OS. By Default Windows 10 = You have Ram..Die RAM]

My question is how does Gardua know when to shift randomly used RAM cache and redirect it to new processes. Like for example Im using Brave or Chrome...how does it decide to use my ram( I have 130GB of RAM) so I dont really care about usage that much but its a interesting unknown for me.

So If I start up a game while on the internet on another screen how would it decide how to allocate the RAM so its not considered "Wasted?" If anybody can explain how this works or what the workflow looks like...I would be thrilled.



Oh awesome thanks for the link! I wasnt sure what to search!

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