Unscheduled reboots/crashes and unsure how to diagnose issues without trends/patterns

Are you sure you are not supposed to unzip that file first? What format is it expecting to find? What did the "How To Update" say to do? What were the specific instructions?


You did not follow the instructions. Extract (unzip) the file, etc.

### Method 1:

1. Please extract the zip file after downloading the BIOS rom file from ASRock website.
2. Save the BIOS files on a FAT32 formatted USB disk.
3. Press [F2] during POST to get into BIOS setup menu.
4. Select the Instant Flash utility under [Tool] menu to execute it.

The image posted in my last reply was my way of showing I included the extracted (unzipped) file named 'AB35HDV6.20'

To be specific, I tried both F2 and F6 methods listed in asrock link as well.

IMHO, apart from not letting the PC unattended, there is only one path.
Journal logs.
Look for signs of sleep or suspend and similar.
When sleep or suspend starts and when it is reached.
There is not an only one thing to look for, as a clue to the actual problem. If you need assistance, post the relevant logs.
If the filtered logs are not enough, we may ask you to post more, or a full boot log.

It will help you, if you read man journalctl and/or the relevant Archwiki page, for tips and best methods for searching/troubleshooting.


Please do not post screenshots of terminal output. Terminal output needs to be shared in the forum as text only.

Please edit your post, delete the screenshots, and add the terminal output as text. If you need to, use the paste bin linked in the top right of any page.


So I've been screenshotting all my logs which I'm learning was for naught because I can't post them lol
So my new plan is to (once again) fresh reinstall diced kde to get latte-dock to function again because I couldn't find anything in the forums to fix my super m$ key launcher issue. With this new install, I'll make sure to track my crashes via other means then .pngs. I haven't found a convenient way of doing this yet, and I doubt much of anything can beat a single keypress of PrtSc. :cry:

About how many lines would you all say are necessary for tracking purposes? I'm guessing the previous 100 lines before every crash should be enough, right? I guess I'll just copy paste those lines into separate .txt files. This thread will probably be pretty dead for awhile, is it ok if I necrobump this thread when I have a decent number of logs? Or should I start a new thread since it will be a new install? I have only had negative progress since my initial post as well lol

There are more than one threads about.

Restore with garuda-assistant dos not work?
Sorry, if it was explained before :slight_smile:


I tried restoring to my oldest snapshot and it was still broken. I had to use btrfs assistant not garuda assistant. I can get the default latte dock to kinda work but it's weak compared to dragonized

Did you open garuda-assistant?
It restore the dragonized settings.


Holy God, why did I not do that first?
:clown_face: well latte dock restored to greatness
I don't know why it won't let me revert to the initial superkey keybind but whatev alt+f1 isn't that bad.

Please, read, please. :slight_smile:

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Reading is fundamental and I'm just working way too fast. Haste makes waste. I figured reverting would also revert that setting as well but I guess that's not a default. Big apologies :pray:

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I think you could try with BIOS 6.10 instead of 6.20.
Look at this list by CPU supported. The first of ryzen 5 1600 needs 6.10
I really think a BIOS update could help.
Look at this still open never-ending kernel issue, similar to your problem. The very last comment solved with BIOS update


Same results sorry. No image file detected with older unzipped file clearly being the only file on the usb. Tried F2 and F6 as listed in webiste How to link

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Maybe you'll need an intermediate jump. See eg

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filo you masochist. You know I'm about to actually start from ground zero with this, right?
If I'm reading this correctly, an intermediate jump means I basically have to start with the first update and work my way up each new version. This will be 15+ updates where I read I need to give the motherboard a full minute of cooldown in between updates...

No better way to spend a saturday night I suppose lols :herewego:

No I think two steps. First to 5.50 and then to the needed version.
I didn't read the details anyway...

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I emerge victorious, but sweet garuda is it so many more steps than just 2.
I had to update incrementally through several versions before I could get 5.50.

Yeah that was pretty painful, but I think it was worth? My opening boot screen before GRUB looks super sharp. I think boot time is much shorter but I just rebooted like 20 times straight, so might also be hallucinating. That's all I can note right now. Praying for a week of uptime, then I will prolly be forced to close thread with bios sol. Otherwise I'll prolly be back with boot logs and begging for more help lool

My attention span and eyeballs are aching :yawning_face:
Many thanks for the legwork from all friends!


Sad news everyone. I didn't make it 15 hours with the updated BIOS.
Chalking up another 'L' for the users. :sob:

I have 200+ lines of journalctl imediately before crash (see pastebin):

(I hope this is how I'm supposed to do it, apologies if wrong/rude)
I will try to continue this tracking method with each crash.

Firedragon and discord were the only things running at the time of freeze/crash/hang.
Am still in search of advice with my newfound post-bios dilemma...Do I give the 6.20 update a go? Seems like wishful thinking to put any faith in it after 0 results found from 6.10. Is my next path forward to try separate linux kernels? This route also seems futile given the fact that I did tons of distrohopping before garuda with similar problems with EneavourOS, Archcraft, axylOS, etc. I think they all had different kernels when I tried them out and encountered the same issue.

Truthfully I don't see enough evidence to motivate either paths previously mentioned. I will most likely forfeit the battle for quite some time and just practice being thorough with my crash logging.
The machines always win :rage:

edit: Perma-pastebin instead of week expiration

That's perfect! I hope I didn't come across harshly about the screenshots, it really is important though. The reasoning came up in another discussion here if you are interested.

This particular journal did not seem to offer up any clues, although perhaps someone else will notice something significant that I overlooked.

My instinct would be to bring it to the most current version available, unless you have a compelling reason not to. I would carefully read through the notes on their website about what systems should not take the update, and if you are not on the list I would take it.

If you really want to crack the case, I think it might be time to start chipping away at TBG's homework here. It seems like a staggering document when you first scroll through it, but if you take it in sessions it is manageable.

Take notes as you go and continue to update the thread with things you try and the results; you never know when a detail might jump out at someone.

This section here: Troubleshooting System Stutter, Lags, Freezes, and Hangs - #11 by tbg is an especially good section to blast through and get some more notes into the thread. A lot of the questions go quick, so it's not as bad as it looks. Copy all those questions into Kate or something, type out your answers, and drop the whole thing back into the thread and we'll search for clues. :male_detective:


No harshness received on my end. It just seems silly to me. I get that you can't search for text in an image, but you also can't search a pastebin that expires in a week :clown_face:
But now I'm just splitting hairs, and I promise to abide by all guidelines going forward

I did pull the trigger on 6.20
I figured there's not much to lose if I can't even keep my machine running
more than 24 hours at a time lol

I'll be taking you up on TBG's homework,
and will try to move slower in an attempt to embarrass myself here less :laughing: