Unknown Error Code 100

Okay, sorry I have nothing else. Just FYI, a "partial update" scenario exists when a user updates only some of the packages that are in need of updating. Or, what's more likely, installs an up-to-date application or system component (qt5-base, say) without the benefit of updating everything else necessary. That's where/when breakage will occur along with a variety of system instabilities.

So, at least you get something outta this thread.

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
Go to school, get a little knowledge.
Live dangerously."
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More detail needed.

Indicates it's not on your $PATH, check on the Lutris or "Mod Organizer 2" forums.

No, you're supposed to be patient and expect people won't read every thread on the forum within a short timescale. If you want a 24-hour-response SLA then there are people who you can pay.


I downgraded to the version prior to 5.15.2+kde+r203-1 via sudo downgrade qt5-base in this case 5.15.2+kde+r200

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Creating your own code to run on Python programming and setting it to execute so that it would be a functioning, executable file that world work without issue because my now, I did recheck the code so many times and still got the same error.

It is on my path, but let me rest a bit before I get that to you.

So, if you have a basic "Hello world" Python script and run it from a terminal, what happens?

If I do the "Hello world" Python Script, the same error as I said appears.

My $PATH leads to one location being ~/.local/bin, which does hold the modorganizer2-nxm-broker.sh with in it.

Can you please post the script, your terminal commands, and the output (as text, not as screenshots).


Certainly you did something terrible in past. My advice would be to reinstall, if possible. It will be the most time saving and easy workaround


Or, he's trying to run a Python script directly without a shebang. "More details needed."


I've done tons of terrible things in the past... and yet, I can still execute Python scripts. :rofl:

Perhaps reset the permissions on your home directory, on the off chance running as root created a problem.


It is the "," problem :rofl: ?


The code I used was
print("Hello World!")

That may be for the best, but I wish to understand how it went wrong before I do, and if I can't, I'll do that anyways.


There is absolutely no information in the screenshot you provided that indicates how you are running the file.

However, Python files need to be executed by a Python interpreter, which is normally achieved with e.g.

python /path/to/script.py

If you're trying to run it directly as a shell script then the script file would need to contain e.g.


print("This might actually work");

and then you can use e.g.

chmod u+x script.py

None of this is related to KDE - it's all just "user error".


I see, yeah... I'm going to shulk for forgetting such a thing...
Thanks for the help through my stupidity.

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It's not stupidity, it's just missing knowledge. Completely different things.


Thank the Lord for small mercies, I was expecting this "Error Code 100" thread to go on for 100 posts. At least it did have a little comedic value. :rofl:

Lucky for you @jonathon was there to catch your omission. Nice job Jon. :+1:


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