Unity Games freeze after ALT+TAB

UNITY forum has some info this in general (not linux specific, and not with any solution either), but I haven’t encountered this issue in the past, and now 3 games in a row do that (freeze)

I can get back to them, but game is non-responsive & frozen.

I read, that unity is not supported - so no problem, if there is no solution, maybe just someone knows a workaround (like install xy from octopi or disable dat und det)

I was running the unity games via Wine, QWine and Heroic Games Launcher. Poked around some wine tricks - but for no avail so far.

KDE Plasma 6.0.4
KDE frameworks 6.1.0
Kernel: 6.8.9-zen1-1-zen
Graphics: Wayland

Thank you, Vielen Dank

Afaik , no solution for these , perhaps go into winecfg under the decorations tab und disable allow window manager zu control windows.

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that’s worth a try

Tested : disabled these two options, and problem was solved

Danke dir.


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