Ungoogled-chromium in choatic aur missing

ungoogled-chromium is missing from the chaotic-aur. Could it be re-added again? There is an update that is needed as harfbuzz has been updated and version ungoogled-chromium 92.0.4515.159 is no longer working.

sudo pacman -Ss ungoogled-chromium


[Broken] Needs repair Ungoogled-Chromium · Issue #958 · chaotic-aur/packages · GitHub


I guess until ungoogled-chromium is available, the best way to update is? Any suggestions appreciated!

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sudo pacman -Syu --ignore harfbuzz,harfbuzz-icu

I think you should ignore also harfbuzz-icu for dependency reasons.


Its back guys, case closed :wink:


btw sorry for the offtopic, but as someone that never used ungoogled-chromium ( always used firefox based browsers or qutebrowser ), is ungoogled chromium "privacy oriented" by default or does it need tweaks and extensions ?

asking for a friend !

Yes, it's just chromium with all the Google services removed. So no Safe Browsing, no Play Store extension integration, no Google account sync.
It also has slightly more privacy focused default settings, but that can easily be configured in any chromium fork.
The lack of extension store integration is a deal breaker for a lot of people. Personally, I just use ungoogled chromium as a fallback when my other web browsers have issues with a particular site.

There are workarounds for that :wink:


I don't think it is "privacy oriented" as much as it is "google free".


ohh :frowning: ok then, firefox based browser it is still then

I use a couple extenstions for privacy. Check out
Garuda Wiki Privacy Guide. Even with Firefox these should be added.

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