Undervolt/underclock AMD RX470 Mining Kawpow Ravencoin

I love Garuda for gaming, but my knowledge is holding me back to switch from Win10. The knowledge about mining with lower Wattage on linux. I've tried everything, but I nothing works.

I installed AMDGPU-PRO packages (all of them :slight_smile: and TeamRedMiner started working after that.
Before that I couldn't mine.

Now the problem is that my RX470 is drawing too much power if I want to mine over night. It takes 105 W, but on Windows I used only 64W. I also underclocked the GPU on Windows.

The only good thing is that I'm able to controll fan curve so the card is not overheating by default while mining. Before that I got 82 C.

Now I'm using Fancontrol-GUI and card is 70 C.

Any suggested programs for controlling clock speed doesn't work, because I suppose they are working only with close source drivers and from what I understand AMDGPU-PRO is only a module for opensource driver to work with OpenCL.

Please tell me what should I do for it to work, how do I downclock this card and how do I down Volt and lower Wattage, so I can mine on it like on Windows and be happy :slight_smile:


I've tried to install programs like WattmanGTK TuxClocker and others but they are not working, not even starting.

I don't know the answer to your question but I altered the title to contain information about what you wanted to do as opposed to why you want to do it.

Hopefully that will attract the attention of someone who is knowledgeable on the subject.


Thank You!
Can You put "Mining" in the tittle aswell?

You can still edit the title if you want to. Just click the pencil next to the title.

That being said, I suspect adding "mining" to it is likely to have less people look at it, not more.

It is up to you though.


I agree, not a priority for most assisting on the forum.


Read this wiki page:


Also remember, if you break your hardware it's your fault.


If you crypto mine you do not deserve any help what so ever.

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Cryptominers deserve to be shot on sight. They care nothing about our rapidly crumbling ecosystem, only money. Their greed is driving up energy costs for those who can least afford it. Their practices devastate the natural environment, and they care only about lining their own pockets.

Cryptomining topics, questions, and answers should be banned from all Linux forums, and their posters banned and punished by long prison terms. Manufacturers of their equipment should suffer the same fate.

Or shot on sight. Bounties are a plus.

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Could we all agree on long prison sentences?

Too many have already been unjustly executed.

To prevent further outrages, I will close here.