Unable to install / VMD help

Hello, I am a newbie trying to install on a partition to dual boot with windows. Fairly certain my issue is related to having BIOS SATA mode set to VMD, which I'd like to keep as that how it was set when I installed windows.

I did review this post, but I don't know how to "regenerate the mkinit file in chroot environment with the vmd modules being forced" in my case as I can't get Garuda to boot (hangs).

The steps I took so far are

  1. Used Garuda Downloader
  2. Downloaded garuda-dr460nized-blackarch-linux-zen-211028.iso
  3. Created Media with Rufus
  4. Boot
  5. Selected (tried) w/ and w/o Nvidia drivers
  6. Boot hangs

Is there a way to have the VMD modules load from the install media?


Dell XPS-13 9310

Welcome to the forums. :wave:
VMD would only come into play after an install, your problem is on boot from your USB if I'm correct.
Since you get to the menu, usually then it's graphics related.
Maybe others can help you as graphics isn't my strong point.


I agree.
If you cannot start the USB, try to e.g. recreate it with balena Etcher or Ventoy.
If you installed, but the installed system doesn't boot, check here
If that works, but you necessarily need vmd (sometimes needed for dual booting), there are several posts about it. E g.

If you don't know how to chroot, there's a tool in the live USB or a tutorial in the forum.