Unable to get Garuda Wayfire to boot in Proxmox

(IDK how to "Post your terminal/konsole in- and output as text")

I am trying to boot Garuda Wayfire but it fails to start greeter daemon. I am trying to boot in in Proxmox (i know that isn't recommended, but I and doing it to compare DEs before installing it onto my main system) but it always fails to start greeter daemon, I have searched the forms but none of the suggestions have helped. Garuda XFCE and Garuda LXQT worked just fine, it is only Wayfire that I am having issues with, and all the settings are set the same.

Did live ISO on Stick (Ventoy) work?

Im not sure what this means... I am trying to live boot with the ISO on Proxmox (it mounts it as a disk/USB device)

Proxmox docker container?

Just boot ISO from USB Stick <-> USB port.

Same or from Xfce ...

Ok, I will probably try this tomorrow. It is strange that it works just fine for XFCE and LXQT but not Wayfire though.

IDK, Nvidia GPU?

I think it is just integrated intel GPU for the server that Proxmox is running on (Dell R720) but I will be using NVidea 3080Ti on my PC when I install Garuda to it.

Booting from USB did the exact same thing

since XFCE installs properly, I am thinking of just doing that, then uninstalling the DE and trying to install the Wayfire DE after that. How would I go about downloading the Garuda version of wayfire?