Unable to Download Garuda Dr460nized Gaming ISO

I am trying to download the Garuda Dr460nized Gaming ISO from the official Garuda website (Garuda Linux | Download) . When I click on the Direct (Fosshost) link, there is no indication of any download starting. Clicking on the torrent link likewise does not elicit any reponse at all. It does not even try to download the torrent file. I am using Google Chrome on Windows 10. Is this expected for Google Chrome or should I check my firewall settings? This seems strange since I haven't had any issues downloading other linux distro ISOs such as Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, among many others in the past on this same computer and network before. Any thoughts and pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome :slight_smile:

Work fine here.
torrent too.


Maybe you could try getting directly to the target: Index of /garuda/iso/garuda/
and, if working, download latest.iso and the sha256 checksum

Please don't link that domain. We've had issues with it being overloaded with network traffic before and we reallyy don't need that again.


OK, sorry!!!



I think it is enough to post this once.
Just in case you feel you need to do it more often.

I found a garuda installer. everything work's just fine now! Thanks!

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