Unable to create partition while installing garuda

Iam new to Linux I tried to install garuda it's keeps failing
Secure boot,fast boot off
Partition is MBR

Can i assume that you are trying to dual boot ? Or is this fresh install

Maybe you could try creating the partitions first, from the live USB (hopefully with Gparted), then retry the installation.

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Failing how??
Very poor info is provided.

Read Garuda wiki on proper way to find solutions and how to post. :man_shrugging:

Welcome to Garuda!

If you have a UEFI system, you should boot ISO to UEFI and do not use MBR.
If you want to install on MBR, you have to use MS-DOS Legacy boot mode.


I also tried that but it shows same issue

Which issue/error exactly?
And especially please check:

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PC specs.?

inxi -Faz

from live-ISO, please.