Unable to create a topic in the Development category

Hi. I’d like to create a topic in the development category on this forum, however it says that I cannot create new topics – without providing any further details. Obviously I’m able to create topics in some categories, such as this one. I’d upload a screenshot of what I’m describing, but I’m not able to do that either as it says I’m too new.

Is there a waiting period before I can create topics there? How long?

You should be TL4 for that:
To check how to get to TL4, see in the Discourse documenation here (click “Show Full Post…”):

Maybe the Feedback category could be a better fit to provide suggestions in the short term.

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

I don’t think what I have in mind would really fall under suggestions. I have a lot of experience in web development and design, and was hoping to discuss changes to the current iteration. I guess I’ll try to make it work though

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