Unable to change the theme

hello, i am unable to change the theme of my garuda

today i thought to re-apply my garuds settings because it was a little mess in my desktop
i did it by selecting the little box downthere which says something like it is going to change all the configs in your panels , wigits bla bla.
but when i applied, latte disappeared
i activated it by pressing ctrl + alt + T and typed latte-dock then i thought to again applying the theme could bring it normal as it helped me several times but the setting manager was not working
in the terminal in which i have activated latte was showing
Icon theme "gnome" not found

and now i am not able to open my system settings

Which flags did you set when you reset your settings?
Anyway, can't you open settings from krunner by pushing alt+space and searching for it?
I'd also launch again Garuda assistant to reset, flagging latte.

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