Unable to boot OS snapshot (boot current state of the os instead)


I'm kinda new to Linux in general, so sorry in advance if my question sound stupid, or if I'm not as precise as you need. If you need more infos, do not hesitate to ask !

I tried using Garuda linux (Garuda KDE Dr460nized) for the past two weeks, It worked great aside of 1 or 2 minors issues.

But the thing is, some time, when I launch something, wether it be an applet or an actual app, the OS complietly freez, and I'm forced to reboot manualy. I had no issues with that until now.

What would happend sooner or later finaly happened : after again the same issue, a lot's of files got corruped (it seams at least), and when I boot, around 90% of the Desktop Environement is gone, and most things don't work anymore (obviously).

I tried to boot from an earlyer snapshot from the grub, but the only thing I get is the same environement as if I was booting normaly.

I genuenly don't know what to do aside from complietly erasing the installation and re-doning a fresh install of the OS, and I'm a little bit scared to go for a vanilla arch install, since I'm dual booting it with Windows 10 on the same drive.

Do you have any idea of things i can try to get back to an earlyer version ? Or should I go and re-install Linux entirely ?

Hi there, welcome

This should be clarified... anyway, considering that

makes me think that this is something occurring only (hopefully) on the home folder (which is not "covered" by snapshots), so maybe you could try creating a new user and see how it goes?

As @filo stated, this probably means that whatever is causing your issues is probably in the home folder.

As a first step here, I would go into Garuda Assistant and restore all the default configs. Then logout and back in.


Hi !

Thank's for the quick response !

The wallpaper is missing, Latte is almost complietly gone (only the pannel at the top of the screen is still here, and most widgets are no longer present). That's what I can see at least (I know that a Desktop Environement is way more than that, but what I meant was that mosts visuals and obvious things on the desktop are gone (There might be more things that does not work or is not there, but in this state, I can't really use the computer anyway)).

If you want to see what I mean : https://imgur.com/a/pr4688Z.

I already had another profile avilable, and you are right on that one, every thing seems shows-up as expected.

Given your description now, the Garuda Assistant reset suggested by @dalto should be enough!
You can open Krunner (normally shortcuts could be alt+space or alt+F2) to launch Garuda Assistant if the entire desktop is "blank".


Hello !

Thank's a lot, it worked !
I'll just redo my configs now :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

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That worked !
Thank's for you're time !
Have a nice day !

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