Unable to boot fresh install. Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 240x67

Hello, as i understand its pretty similar issues with nvidia driver, but i cant do press any button to use console commands, cause my keyboard is not working.

its really annoing issue when you pretty new to linux

Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It looks like at least a couple of users solved it installing booting the live USB with free drivers.
Then you should be able to install the proprietary drivers.


I can able to booting in the live USB . but there is no choice to use free drivers when i try to install the system.
after reboot i got the issue and i cant use my keyboard for i dont know why

Which option do you choose in the GRUB menu when booting the live USB? Are you using the free drivers line?
The installer has not such option, you should select it before, when you boot the live USB.


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