Ubuntu is better than garuda is hard to use

Very hard to use and some times crashes lags stucks at boot buggeist :confused: and where i can
give you feedback i will give you 1 star sorry half star

My specs

16 gb ram

intel i5


Asus black carbon


Nvida 2080 TI

Your free to use what works for you, glad you joined us to let us know. :rofl: :roll_eyes:


Did you come here to ask for help or to rant? If you want help, send your garuda-inxi as a starting point and describe your problems thoroughly please.


Disappointed with garuda team and +OS :rage: :anger:

I am simply left wondering the age of the OP when reading this thread, as this simply comes off as a rather immature rant.

If you had actually asked for assistance with the issues you are complaining about, we might have been able to correct your problems.

After deleting your account, your purpose here comes off more like trolling than a legitimate attempt to receive assistance.

Good luck back in Buntu land. :wave: