Two Issues

tar: steam-runtime/usr/share/gnome/help/zenity/zh_CN/figures/zenity-scale-screenshot.png: Cannot change mode to rwxr-xr-x: Invalid argument

This happens when I attempt to run steam.

And I know I am going to receive endless mocking for this but I also use Edge (work and school and such has me bought into the ecosystem) and debtap just diddles around for several minutes then gives a couple errors and bails. Specifically these:

Warning: These dependencies (depend =   fields) could not be translated into Arch Linux packages names:
Warning: These provisions (provides =   fields) could not be translated into Arch Linux packages names:

For now I guess I will drop another iso of mint on a usb and get that up and running. I can use garuda for none of my use cases right now. I can’t game and I can’t access my school work on my primary PC.

That’s pretty much normal for debtap I think. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’m not sure why you would use that in this case though:

❯ pacman -Ss microsoft-edge
chaotic-aur/microsoft-edge-stable-bin 122.0.2365.92-1
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No worries, good luck to you @InnocentBystander and come back any time. :wave:


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