Tui for pacman

i loved the feature when a program is not found and garuda looks up and shows information. that screen reminds me of octopi. pamac is pre-installed. why not a tui for this operations so that we don't need pamac gui or octopi. as in our bible "cli is superior than gui, so is tui."

Did you try pacseek?

4 Likes could just use pacman, the official package manager for Arch.


If you want to search among installed packages, use command

pacman -Qs <package_Name>

If you want to search in repositories on your system, that is Arch repositories and chaotic AUR etc. only, simply use command

pacman -Ss <package_Name>

If you want to search in all packages, that is AUR + all the repositeries ( basically same search as pamac or octopi does ), use

paru -Ss <package_Name>

replace <package_Name> with name of package to be searched ( ofc )

Also, you can pipe output and use grep to filter repository etc.....


i know pacman commands. just trying to say if you are shipping another package (pamac) why not a tui.

For some time now we have been sending octopi for searching and browsing. We advise against the use of pamac and octopi, except for searching.
The tool for installing should only be pacman.
But that doesn't stop anyone from installing and using pamac.


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