Trouble using Garuda Linux Installer with RAID0 mSATA SSDs


I'm having trouble setting up a dual boot with Windows 10 and Garuda. I used to have Ubuntu, but I removed that using the windows partition tool, then removing the Grub boot loader to free up space. I successfully set up a boot USB with the Garuda ISO and am running into this issue where I cannot seem to correctly select the RAID0 mSATA SSD drive on my laptop. I set up a partition in Windows, as mentioned in many tutorials. But when I get to the Garuda Linux Installer wizard, at the partition page, it doesn't recognize the drive correctly.

The Select Storage Device comes up with multiple versions of the same RAID0 Drive. Note that it is comprised of 2x 128GB drives making 256GB total for my Windows10 to recognize.

The shown drives are as follows:

  1. md126 - 238.5 GiB (/dev/md126)
  2. md127 - (/dev/md127)
  3. LITEONIT LMT-128M6M - 119.2 GiB (/dev/sdb)
  4. LITEONIT LMT-128M6M - 119.2 GiB (/dev/sdc)

My stock option would be to pick the first drive based on the tutorials I've seen. However, the "Current:" section at the bottom where you would select the drive space to allocate the partition doesn't total up to 238.5, it instead has multiple different drives that total up to less than 10 GiB. Nothing to really work with. The menu only gives me erase disk and manual partitioning too. The other 2, 3, and 4 menus don't give me much to work with either, since 2 doesn't show anything and 3 and 4 seem risky to work with since I'm operating in RAID0.

Open to any thoughts here, I've been working on this one for a few weeks now on and off in my free time. Interested in solving, and honestly not too afraid to brick my machine. Would prefer setting up with the Dual boot mode mentioned above for gaming compatibility overall.


Pretty sure Linux in general won't support most random BIOS-based software RAID0 options. AHCI mode will work fine, then you can use Linux-based tools to create a RAID0 array for Linux.


That's the perfect spirit!

Educate yourself on Archlinux RAID and you may get an idea on how you would like to proceed. :wink:


Thanks for the replies. After reading a bunch on RAID installs along with a dual boot I opted to purchase an SSD and install it into the machine and run Garuda there. Install worked great doing that. Garuda is a blast so far.

My apologies to anyone finding this thread and not getting a proper solution documented.


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