Touch screen laptop some common change

when i use on touchpad(window tablet mode) it work all fine . Even gesture work perfect . problem is that how can i remove mouse point/curse . it shows "mouse curse/point" it kind of disturbing and i download some virtual keyboard for tablet mode .but it is not working well . if u know any perfect virtual keyboard let me know.

i want remove mouse point while on " touchpad mode "

and then about keybaord when i am on touchpad mode

it does not pop up any keyboard layout for typing

i want like this when i click on some search button it must pop up keyboard like win 11

i had download some keyboard like " onbaord , florence virtual keyboard " but they don't recognize automatically .. i need to manually search and click app

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Just a couple of general comments on my side.

  1. When we ask to provide information, we normally refer to the (properly formatted) output of garuda-inxi. Anyway now it is clear at least what you have (although we prefer avoiding pictures).
  2. Please, also, one issue per topic. This makes the forum more useful for future searchers/readers.

As far as the issues are concerned, I don't have a touchscreen, so cannot help much. But:

  1. To hide the mouse cursor, I see there is a package called unclutter. There were also comments on the internet with side-effects, but they were all old, so you could give it a try.
  2. For the onscreen keyboard, my idea would be to assign a shortcut to the relevant application in system settings / shortcuts. Not ideal, but could be a workaround.

GNOME is more suited to touchscreen use.


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