Total NOOB Question

HI there. I am running Garuda on my real machine as my only OS. I went all in when I saw the btrfs integration. The gnome implementation looks different than other gnome implementations I have seen (essentially Manjaro & PopOS).

I can't move the location of the favorites bar ?

I never see the application picker/launcher ? In other versions of gnome the last icon in the favorites bar opens up all applications in a window centered on the display.

I just can't seem to find the gnome tweaks I am used to - am I missing something ?

To enable gnome tweaks if it's not installed on your computer by default should be available from the software store by searching for it. Then you can install extensions from there. Bare in mind in an extremely short amount of time, a huge amount of things will change on GNOME as 40 is very close to release to the masses and everything you do today probably won't work after.


:laughing: If you are a Gnome user, I suppose you should have realised Gnome is focused on keyboard control, not point-and-click (mouse) control.
What happens if you press WinKey on keyboard?

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the super key shows all open applications and the desktops. It's very helpful but am used to a 9 dot grid icon opening all applications

And I am used to being able to customize the location of the "dock" ?

I know .... to noob questions. Thanks for putting up with me :slight_smile:

customizing location of the dock (only one image per post)

More than likely if you're trying to put it at the bottom like a mac you're looking for the extension "dash to dock."

Also, is that Manjaro?


Hi ! I was actually trying to put in on the left but you led me to the solution. I had to go into the settings for Dash to Dock (Tweaks -> Extensions -> Gear Icon of Dash to dock ). From there I can change the position and size and then in the Launchers section - "Show Applications Icon".

[ It is Manjaro - I have Manjaro and Fedora in VM's. Fedora for Gnome 40]

Like I said, total NOOB. THANK YOU.

Now I am trying to figure out why the "tray" doesn't have flameshot .... or is there even a tray ?

And the Unite extension settings need to "show system tray in top bar" ... not set by default. Not sure why that this is the preference of the community.

It's not about community preference, every maintainer designs the DE first according to the available possibilities of his DE. Then according to his preferences and maybe he responds to user requests.

The beauty of Linux is that anyone can make changes if they want it to be different.

Remember, 100 people have 100 preferences. That means you can never please everyone. :slight_smile:


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