Topgrade for updates

I've been using topgrade to keep my system, docker images, etc all up todate. It worked well enough but I noticed the general advice of use garuda-update instead of pacman/powerpill/paru directly. Well, the code base is pretty well factored and adding in support for garuda-update was trivial.

Add garuda-update by jstelzer · Pull Request #227 · topgrade-rs/topgrade · GitHub hopefully it'll be in the next release.




That is actually pretty neat!


With or without garuda-update added to it Topgrade is a fantastic tool to have, but for now they should concentrate on fixing the .net issue that cropped up with 10.2 before adding anything else to it.

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I don't use dotnet regularly, so I just wrote a thing I'd use. All it's doing is running a bunch of commands, it's pretty easy to extend. If you know what it should be doing, open a PR?


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