Tool for changing kernel in Garuda-Settings-Manager is buggy and slow

It just stops for a few seconds after I install or delete a new kernel and eats a lot of resources. True for the same-looking tool in KDE settings.

Is it not installing DKMS drivers for the selected kernel?

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Last time I install on i3wm, linux-tkg-bmq-ivybridge, I have no time or buggy problems.

Is something not working or is it just taking too long for you?

How many times a day, week, month or year do you change kernels on your PC?

Today I tested around 6 kernels, and after installing and deleting each one I couldn't scroll or click anywhere on a tool for about half a minute. Also, linux-tkg-bmq-sandybridge can't be installed, and the whole program freezes after I try to read the error message.

If you open a terminal can you see what the system is doing using top ? For example, what is using processor time when these "freezes" happen?

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Tried it out, and on the top of processor usage is pacman.

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pacman -Fx 'usr/lib/modules/(.*)/vmlinuz' | awk '{print $5" "$6}'

we use this command to find kernels

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