Too much resources?

Hey so i am bout to install garuda linux but saw quite a few people state its too resource heavy, i have 8gb ram and a amd A8-7410 with integrated radeon R5 graphic i am a programmer so i have vs code discord and a few chrome tabs open all the time aswell as minecraft sometimes will the system run stably when i have so many programs open?

I think you'll be fine.
I have less resources than you and I'm absolutely satisfied.
I have 8G RAM as well, but with an AMD A4-9145 with Radeon R3.
Anyway, my normal use is only for home stuff: browsing with some tabs, often with some simple LibreOffice stuff. I use also virtualbox, normally with 4G RAM VM's, but no other concurring tasks, maybe a browser.
I don't know how much resources your development workload will take, but I think you'll be fine.
For sure Minecraft and gaming in general could be a bottleneck...


I think these are people who have not yet understood the meaning of RAM, unused RAM is wasted RAM.

I wonder how it comes to this question?

If you are programming you should not play, if you are playing close your vs code and the browser.

In the end, you notice it in practice, when data is swapped out too often, your computer slows down.

So, either buy more RAM or open only the apps that are necessary.
As always in life, you can't have everything. :slight_smile:


Most definitely! :+1:
I assumed gaming was somehow related do development (eg. mods, etc.).
Otherwise that would be a really bad practice, and I'm stating It from a professional perspective (for the first time) serious here :wink:


Well, I can say that I don't have any issue, usually.

I use vs code + firedragon + ng server (angular).

My pc specs





Um, I guess?

Hmm. "Programming" ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: