Today I discovered Arcan

Replacement for both wayland and xorg. It seems promising, but is it good enough? Is there anybody who tried it?

Guys, agree upon what category this belongs to :sweat_smile:

First, Garuda Community is a good place for this post. I am very interested in Wayland, so I did some research on Arcan.

  1. Has not been updated in a year and a half.

  2. I guess you can build it, it is on Arch

  3. To replace either X or Wayland, I would want to know who are these people.

  4. No install directions.

Some of the discussion on their site has a hype quality to it. Lots of general talk but very little concrete information.



So far I can't really build it as I lack a device to test it on, but when I get one will post my experience here. Seems like another one crazy project that nobody knows about and nobody really needs right now, but whatever.

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I have watched the tortured development of Wayland, so I am concerned that something that is a year and half old, is just not good. Test it with a new install.

good luck