Timeshift not able to restore snapshot

About a week ago I reverted back successfully to a Timeshift snapshot. Today I rebooted my machine for some other reason and it rebooted back to state it was before reverting. I tried restoring to an automatically created snapshot from this morning but for some reason this doesn’t work - it keeps booting in that same state. I looked at the timeshift logs from today but nothing popped out.

All help would be appreciated as losing a week of work isn’t too great for me right now :slight_smile:

Maybe your issue could be related to this one?

That issue is different (with new version 2.37-1 of util-linux and util-linux-libs, disk partitions are not detected, so timeshift just doesn't work). Ref. this bug report.
Anyway, I'm linking directly the relevant workaround, if you want to give it a try...


Thanks for the reply, the issue was indeed that change that broke Timeshift. It seems to be working now.

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