Timeshift failure

This isn’t a help request, just a heads up for others. I had a handful of updates and after they were applied I went through the Konsole output like I always do and saw nothing wrong. Rebooted and everything looked great. Later I had another 3 or 4 updates, did them, read through Konsole, all looked fine, rebooted and this time Timeshift corrupted the Grub menu screen. I had several lines that said various snapshots were broken press enter to continue. After pressing enter I was presented with the normal options that I would see on the selection screen but listed like I was in Konsole. From there I chose to try another snapshot and got a error about it. I tried several more times before giving up. What I think happened is for some reason grub-btrfs didn’t load during boot and thus made it impossible to boot normally. I believe I could chroot into Garuda from a live environment, remove grub-btrfs and boot normally, but rather mess around with it I think I’ll just wait till the next OS release cause I can have Garuda back up and looking exactly the same in less that 3 hours and the one issue with the UID should also be fixed.

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Sorry, I’m unsure what happened. I’m only starting to just get familiar with the ins and outs of btrfs myself.

Please do me a favour and reword the part of your post referring to physical anatomy. Colloquislisms like that don’t translate well for non English speakers using online translators.


Yea I’m not that fimilar with all the ins and outs of BTRFS either. I just more or less know from my experience with it in both Garuda and Manjaro it is a better file system for Linux than Ext4. I have a sneaking feeling the UID issue might of been part of the problem. Like I said no worries here, I just wait and rebuilt. I’m Finishing up setting up EOS and have to say it’s on par with Garuda in speed and stability.

OK fixed the part I missed with the previous edit once I got my ability to actually edit it back.