This is what Albert Einstein said about people asking questions

This is for people who think they have dumb questions. I read Albert Einstein's autobiography and people would ask him frequently how did you get so smart? He said because I asked a lot of questions!


I'm sure Albert didn't ask any dumb questions. :slight_smile:

When someone in a help forum already provides the solution to a query because it's in the terminal output, what do you call that?
Carelessness combined with panic because something does not work?

There may be no dumb questions but quite a few poorly prepared ones. :wink:


He asked for a compass as a boy and he learned how to use it by getting himself lost in the woods which is pretty awesome :sunglasses: and then you have slow people with poorly prepared questions! LOL


It's obvious he didn't have Google.

Or YouTube. :rofl:


"There are no stupid questions, just stupid people." - Mister Garrison


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a kid in America learned how to drive on youtube because he wanted a happy meal!

Stupid is as stupid does. - Forrest Gump

Oh joy. And I stole my dad's car to drive to the horse barn...I was 10. Nobody--including my father or the neighbor whose lawn I ruined--was pleased about it.

But I got to the barn.

So, I ask, was the spanking I got for driving illegally appropriate punishment? :wink:

Is that your excuse, then?

Because Garuda has its own services​:grin:


that's the best childhood story in a long time! my excuse is simple cooter!


The punishment was not appropriate unless he explicitly forbade you to drive in advance. :smiley:
In our country, you are only 14 years of age before the law punishable, but I had to endure the beating punishment at the time, sometimes times change for the better. :slight_smile:
Nowadays, however, the kids are much further than we were back then, you should bring it down to 12 years.
Especially since politicians here want to lower the voting age to 16 :smiley: , but it's probably more about money than about the maturity of the kids. :grin:

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I've got a question, I'm sure Einstein would approve.
how do I use Garuda Linux?? :flushed: Also, where is my keyboard???

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You are aware that that this is a really, really loaded question & it is posted in a Linux forum?
:wink: :rofl: