These Minor changes for better user experience

I recently installed GARUDA-DRAGINIZED(KDE,GAMING) on my main machine and installed gnome version on my old laptop.

I wanted to point out that making fish default shell in other desktop environments of garuda linux (currently zsh) would be appreciated as it would compliment the fast experience in alacritty.

Also since garuda is a performance focused distro and also visually appealing with the beautiful blur, I would prefer setting my integrated gpu with garuda for desktop environment rendering and use nvidia gpu/amd gpu(dedicated gpu) for running other apps. I mean this would highly improve the battery life and also reduce fan noises among many computers. Currently I am facing issues like overheating and extremely loud fan noise. I don't blame the distro but rather blame the load distribution manner out of the box regarding the gpu. Using bumblebee or simply xrandr or any other way of switching GPUs, or using both GPUs together but integrated for rendering and dedicated gpu for heavy apps,(inspired by pop os), a good graphical load balancing can be achieved. For example system76 power management is a GNOME extension which exactly does the same thing. Many people install Garuda for gaming, so such a feature prepared out of the box will be appreciated. In case of issues caused by nvidia cards, usually common during booting (usually with gnome) can be avoided by using Integrated gpu for desktop environment and dedicated for apps although I am aware of timeshift backups.

Also in case we had an option of 'run app using dedicated graphics card' on the right click context menu would be great beacuse users could run steam using dedicated gpu while run dolphin or other basic apps using Integrated gpu. This will improve battery life as dedicated gpu can be manually used for certain apps while the basic load of rendering desktop environment and firefox can be put on integrated gpu. Usually the community appreciates this type of gpu integration out of the box. Such an option in the panel would be very handy.

Also from one thread I heard that you guys are reworking again on gnome with gnome 40 release. I would advice adding some useful extension out of the box like tiling etc,

Also I would advice you to rework on the gnome top panel especially with its color scheme. It is very transparent and It's hard to see with such a bright wallpaper. Maybe changing the panel transperency using one such gnome extension could be a work around.

In the garuda tools, you.may provide a localisation option. This can free upto 1 gb on a fresh installation. This is a native feature in bleeachbit which asks users to select their local language, usually English, and then removes all other unnecessary language packs and fonts for each app. This significantly improves performance of the system.

Also I feel garuda should natively allow users to manually overclock cpu. Users can set presets for battery and charging conditions. There are many such scrips and apps available.

Regardless I am loving the preconfigured settings of garuda linux and also shocked by how useful the timeshift backups are!

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Thanks for the suggestions perhaps when the Garuda Devs have some spare time they'll get around to implementing those suggestions.

Then again maybe not, as they really don't have much in the way of spare time as the distro is constantly in need of revision being a rolling update model.

Also, if you weren't aware it's very difficult to ship many extensions by default with Gnome as they are very prone to breakage when Gnome is updated.

The official Gnome policy is they don't support extensions and are unconcerned if they break upon update. This has nothing to do with Garuda and if you wish to see changes with regards to supporting extensions you'd really be best to take that up directly with Gnome (good luck with that).

Aside from that, what you think may be essential other users may deem undesirable or bloat. Every user wants a different set of features implemented. If the devs changed everything to please one user the next day there would be an even bigger list from other users to undo or modify things again.

You are free to implement any features you wish on your own system, but the devs only implement features that fit with their vision for the distro. Even then that only happens when they have time to do so.

Garuda has already dropped several editions because they were problematic. Gnome could possibly end up in that category as well because Gnomes policy regarding extensions makes it very hard to avoid breakages with Gnome. At a certain point Gnome may just not be worth the effort to maintain with a small dev team and its ongoing issues.

You are free to implement whatever you wish on your own system. If you document all your work thoroughly so it can be easily implemented, then perhaps that may make it more attractive to integrate by default. If you merely expect all your wish list will be implemented because you desire it, you could have a bit of a wait (I'm guessing).


Hi, I just installed GNOME, and it works like a charm
I don't know what is the issue with nvidia users, so can't comment on that.
But it works great for me.



I think Gnome has definitely become somewhat less problematic with more recent releases.


That is indeed true. The step from 3.34 to 3.36 also brought somewhat good performance improvements, at least for me. Things felt smoother. What I truly miss though is system native blur.. So used to it these days :smiley:


Maybe a GPU switcher like POP!_OS?