Theme worse in new iso

hi .at first i am extremely sorry to everyone .because i asked this last time..
plasma them -in garuda iso of june is good the application launcher looks good
but new iso the application launcher is not smooth -photo
the user option in last iso was matching with the above theme

and last -change desktop wallpaper is not using the sweet theme -
and sorry for this it has been fixed after update

Does Microsoft have the same appearance on Windows 11 as Windows 7?

Every distro evolves and changes. The beauty of Linux is you are free to change any component you do not like to fit your own personal tastes.


That is your personal preference.I find it more attractive than the last one. As tbg said things change


I'm sure that the change of the application launcher can be blamed on some recent changes in how KDE displays things, notifications do also look different btw. That's nothing we can change sadly :eyes:

That being said however I'm trying my best to make things look coherent in dr460nized. Can't stand things looking out of place!

Can you show a pic of that?


hey its fixed the change desktop wallpaper is now using it i just gone to kvantum manager and reconfigur the theme .and restarted .the theme is now supporting to it

no just a opinion i told the theme before june was so good looking but now its liitle bit worse but can be managed . tbg i know i can change theme in linux but the theme of garuda has stopped me due to its look .i thought it an issue that why its happening

and thanks for your best try .i know configuring a theme to a new update is a big task .thanks thanks

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