The workspace in application menu is really small


In Gnome 40, you know how pressing windows once will bring up the activities menu, and two times will bring up the all applications area.

And in the all-applications area, there is supposed to be a quick but small overview of currently active workspaces...

So what I understand from watching a few Gnome 40 videos is that my workspace view in the all-applications area is really distorted and glitched...

With other people, it is like small post cards.. But on my PC, it's like a slim kitkat...

Is there a way to fix this issue???


Could be a GNOME bug (e.g. related to fractional scaling), could be an extensions or theme issue.


Is it possible that you have more than one monitor?


no.. just a single monitor

checked.. fractional scaling is turned off.. have it to 100%! Not using any obscure theme or extension.. Just Orchis theme and all other extensions pre-bundled with Garuda

Have you checked with everything as the default (i.e. Adwaita)?

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yes.. still the same issue

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It may probably have to do with proper dpi-resolution settings.
This also involves the compositor/WM and whether using Xorg or Wayland.
Depending on your setup, provide more info on these.
Please, don't make us ask questions on each thing one-by-one. Do some Archwiki reading on these.
We are no experts on everything. We also have to RTFM, just to help others :man_shrugging:


Is your wallpaper a series of grey rectangles?

What's your screen resolution?


Of course the workspace is really small. it's designed for Gnome's after all. :crazy_face:


It is intentionally in menu view its just to give you a idea what is on the work space nothing more its huge compared to Xfce or mate as they are in the panel so what is the problem, just click on it and its full size.