The Register: Garuda Linux 'Talon': Arch, but different. Dare we say it? Better


Getting reviewed by EL Reg is a big deal. Getting such a glowing one is outstanding. :+1:

Thanks as always, @RodneyCK :slight_smile:


nice work guys!


Honestly, Garuda made me fall in love with Garuda again. I enjoyed Mint as my first but the thing I kept thinking about with Linux is how to maintain it. Like I didn't want to constantly remember and type the update, upgrade and dist-upgrade command just to update my system. Also there's the problem of conflicts too. So the update script in Garuda just solves my biggest annoyance of Linux. And the whole rollback and snapshot feature is great as I keep breaking things. It's a literal time machine lol. I only had to reinstall Linux because I messed up the partition tables and wiped it. Other than that, Garuda just provides the best way to update and recover your system. Of course you can do this with arch but so much of this stuff is custom from the update script to the btrfs assistant. So yeah, Garuda kicks ass! And please never disappear or I'm gonna cry lol. Btw I'm drunk so sorry for the rambles.


Outstanding and well deserved. Great work Garuda Team.


I switched from Arch (pure, %100 legit Arch installed the Arch way etc. etc.) to Garuda Linux because of 2 simple reasons:

  • Some of Garuda's decisions were already applied on my Arch install: BTRFS+Snapper, no physical swap, Zen kernel
  • Most of the other decisions of Garuda appealed to me: Latte Dock with macOS layout and a proper launcher, Chaotic AUR instead of AUR helper, hotfix functionality

5 months on, I started to "fight" with Garuda. Everything started when attempting to install nvidia-open-dkms which conflicts with nvidia-dkms, a dependency of garuda-nvidia-config. Then I wanted to uninstall Optimus Manager because it slightly extended my boot time and caused sleep issues. (this is a long story) Uninstalling it caused more issues due to leftover files and eventually I uninstalled garuda-nvidia-config.
I also didn't like the visuals since the beginning, after some time I just reverted everything to Breeze and decreased wobbliness so it is quite hard to distinguish that the distro running is Garuda. I even changed wllpaper to Fedora 36's default wallpaper​:grin:


That's the beauty of Linux, you can tune it however you want. That is one of the things that rubs me the wrong way with many personal reviews of Garuda from individuals too ignorant to know any better. Often users give a very negative review of Garuda online simply because they don't like the theming of Garuda. If you don't like the fonts, icons, or overall theming, they are all easily changeable. There is also the KDE Lite version for those complaining of the Dragonized version being too bloated. Unfortunately though, they will still keep complaining, because in the end haters will be haters.


its nothing personal, occasionally a reviewer writes sh*te about just about any other linux based anything! You know the type - "debian, whys it not rolling!", "artix - why's there no sysd?", "sky, why's it blue?", "water, whys it wet, i want dry!", blah blah blah. got to laugh at such things really, and be grateful you don't wake up next to one each day!


Maybe? But maybe not. Some people look at this:

BTRFS+Snapper, no physical swap, Zen kernel, Latte Dock with macOS layout, Chaotic AUR

And think, all that is not for me. I would not want any of the above choices made for my system. Therefore, Garuda is not a good choice for me. I am not hating on Garuda for mentioning several choices I would not make for my own system. I use my own Arch install where I make all the choices. I agree, that is no reason to write a negative review. Unless you consider any review that disagrees with all of Garuda's choices, not just the theming, as negative, then yes, I would write a negative review in your eyes. Still, not an instance of hating.

I'm too lazy to search, is there any criticism of works by Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn?

Do people go on for hours in videos about how they wouldn't hang such works by these artists on their walls if they could afford to because they think the pictures are ugly?

Does anyone make videos on YouTube about YouTubers who always have to show their unattractive faces over the entire video even though their language alone is repulsive?

As always, you can't please everyone, and you can't argue about taste.

If someone does the work because they find something interesting, I can understand it, but I don't have to agree with them.

Why on earth do I go to all that trouble if I don't like something?


in the end, art is art and that says something about our taste. i think garuda linux and all the other distros have done their part to create new innovations, some things don't thrive on others either. i like them all :slight_smile:

This is the last refuge for snowflakes who don't know the difference between valid criticism and spiteful diatribe. Not all negativity is vitriol, sometimes it is warranted and valid criticism. When people take everything as personal attack, discussion is impossible.

Errors are justified criticism, you can easily report them here or in Gitlab.
I think developers don't have time to watch YouTube videos pointing out supposed bugs.


Here's a classic example of a 1/10 rating of Garuda on Distrowatch below:

Garuda Linux is a very pointless and noticeably heavy operating system, as well as with unreasonably high requirements for the target computer. This distribution contains many unnecessary components that end users will never need. After installing Garuda Linux on a computer, which I haven't used before (and which fully complies with the system requirements of Garuda Linux), my impressions of the said distribution are very sad. However, in order to spend your time completely meaninglessly, Garuda Linux is very suitable.

Many of the similar low ball ratings on Distrowatch often rant about how bloated Garuda is. Yet, we have minimal versions for download that contain very few extra packages for people that want a sparse install. This rant is often repeated on many of the negative reviews on DW. This complaint seems akin to buying a humongous 4X4 with a V10 engine, then bitching about how much gas it uses. If you wanted something less heavy you should have gone looking a Mini, not a monster truck.

Many of the other low ball ratings on Distrowatch rant about how much RAM Garuda uses. These people are completely ignorant of how Zram works and why so much RAM is utilized. Many of these negative reviewers appear to be either completely clueless or deliberately slamming the the distro without valid reasons.

I can certainly take valid criticism in a review, but much of the negativity that people spout off about is pure hogwash.


Except the theming choice , all the defaults are the best that are provided by any distro

  • BTRFS+Snapper ,
  • Performance tweaks and zRAM ,
  • best Nvidia Support (seconded only by POP OS )
  • Chaotic AUR (I genuinely love not having to download 1GB dependecies for making 2mb package)

Install Dragonised and do theming according to your choice (Fluent Icon +Layan)
And you have a decent setup with minimal tweaking required


Not everyone is OK with BTRFS, especailly because they got burned once and are now shy.

On my laptop, perf tweaks caused insane battery drain. (sub 1 hour life) Thankfully it is very simple to disable them from Assistant.
So these are not necessarily "the best".